Impressions So Far

Man, MoP has blown my damn socks off!  I had pretty decent expectations, but I have to say they did one hell of a job.  I’m scared to even say it but, I’m actually enjoying leveling?!

Leveling talents –

  • Definitely pick up feline swiftness and use the prowl glyph – you’ll move so fast in prowl that when it comes time to pick pvp glyphs up, you’ll probably be sad ;D
  • I think trees are the way to go for leveling – it’s such a short cd, that having that 1 min burst for larger groups is nice (and so are the roots when you’re kiting
  • Typhoon is a must.  Mobs take a lot longer to kill, so being able to shove em off you for some healing or casting a nuke it nice.
  • Any of the healing talents will do.
  • I like the aoe roar for my cc talent – helps a lot when you are trying to run away from a pack to be able to roar, travel form, peace out!

WPVP is back!!

It’s been awesome getting into impromptu fights with ally at any given time.  The best is when someone hits another Horde player, I just gotta defend them!

Good times so far – once I ding 90 and get into some BGs and Arena this week, I’ll have more feedback.

Until then, keep those lazers at the ready!


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