Incarnation cleave, whaaaaa??

So lately I’ve been hearing about a not just viable, but borderline stupidly OP comp for moonkin – and I swear I’m not making this up.  

Incarnation Cleave – Moonkin, Feral, Hpal

Because of the ridiculous burst during Incarnation for both Moonkin and Feral, added to the fact that they have a really long duration for a dps cd (30 secs) they are globaling people with 200k crit starsurges, 90k ravage spam, and solarbeam making it all a quick death for a healer.  The paladin would allow you to save people with the burst cds, and since most of your team can’t be polyed/hexed (and hex on the pally can be plucked right back off by feral/moonkin) cc becomes less of a problem as well.  Not to mention the fact that this is basically a three healer team.  

I’m going to try and give this a shot soon and let you know what I think, but it sounds pretty fun – I’ve always wanted to try playing with a feral, but don’t have the classes to support it usually. 

That’s it for now – I’ve had requests for some lazer macros, so I’ll work on that this week and get it on here for you folks – thanks for the emails!

Catch me on twitter (lazerchickenwow) or keep emailing your questions or ideas for new posts and I’ll be glad to keep em coming.

Until then, keep your lazers pointy!


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