Login servers down, so I guess I’ll type about pvp =p

I’ve been lazy about getting to this post, so blizzard be damned, they want me to finish this one!  I’ve been 90 for about 3 weeks and have some good and some bad observations on lazering it up in bgs and arena:

– As always, we can’t kill shit in 2s with a healer.  This is doubly so atm, with the insane level of self healing most dps specs have.  Take another dps with you to do 2s (or better yet, go resto HOTW spec to cap your points and go back to lazer in 3s/bgs)

– Moonkin in bgs feels really good right now.  Finally having the ability really burst (not just our trinket and herbalism cd) is fantastic when going after flag carriers, and solar beam is still as insanely awesome as its always been.  Being able to pop a cd and dot the entire other team with a single cast on each player is amazing – especially if its paired with other cds.  SS procs are constant and hit like a truck, and with shaman symbiosis you can purge the shit out of your target in between procs.  Really enjoying it.

– 3’s is just broken as all hell at the moment if you’re not a hunter/warrior/rdruid/hpal/spriest/mage so I won’t speak too much to it since the PTR has plenty of fixes on the horizon for 5.1.  Personally I haven’t enjoyed threes at all this season with the instant death buttons warriors/hunters/mages have, but I’m excited for the changes coming down the pipeline.  The real challenge at the moment is the fact that wrath hits like my daughters favorite doll.  So when you’re outside of lunar eclipse you can’t do any serious damage on anything.  The only strat outside of lunar is to dot everything, cc like mad, and work on getting back to lunar ASAP.

– Overall I’m pretty happy with the WPVP out there.  Outside of the bad players using their 90’s to grief 85-89 because they aren’t skilled enough to fight other 90’s, there is a ton of pvp that keeps you on your toes in the world – even while in towns!  Kudos to Blizz for doing good so far on this front.

– GC talked today about making pvp power only affect your primary roll (healing for healers/damage for dps) and while this kinda sucks, after fighting any reasonable spriest you will be thankful.  Currently an spriest can keep his team alive to ridiculous levels.  I’ll be happysad about this change, but I understand why they would do it (if it makes it off the PTR).

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with some more strats and tips soon!  Until then, keep those lazers charged and pew pewing.


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