Macros Part Deux!

5. Cooldowns

I’m a big fan of having a single button to press for that burst opportunity – it saves keystrokes which could be valuable when you only have a small window to burst.

#showtooltip Berserking (if you’re a troll druid)

/cast beserking

/use 13

/cast Lifeblood

/use 10

/cast Incarnation

In this macro, it casts beserking if you are a troll, uses your pvp burst trinket if it’s in the top slot, casts lifeblood if you are an herbalist, and uses your engi glove if you’re an engineer.  Adjust to fit your race/profs.

6. Focus Set

This macro let’s you mouseover a player and set them as focus.  Great for bgs, rbgs, wpvp, or if you don’t have gladius in arena

/focus [target=mouseover]

Those would be my core Moonkin macros.  I’m glad to add more if people have good ones – feel free to email me/hit me on twitter! Until then, keep those lazers hot and spicy!


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