Resto Is Back With a Vengeance!!

Yea, yea I know.  Resto doesn’t really have that many lazers.  Honestly, moonkin is so tough to play right now with the current state of Warriors, Mages and Hunters that I’m waiting for the 5.1 patch to do some more competitive druid DPS in arenas.

In the meantime, HELLOOOO RESTO!!!  Things are looking great for our leafy counterparts.  Some things that I’m loving:

  • 4 piece bonus gives Ironbark a 30 sec CD: Waaaaaa?!?!  Basically I can give anyone in my party Barkskin every thirty secs, and even stack it with my own barkskin for a hefty dmg reduction.  Pretty baller.
  • Displacer Beast lets you pass through ROF unfrozen!  If a pesky mage drops a ring around you so you can’t get to your partners, you can utilize DB to pass through the ring without getting frozen.
  • Glyph of Lifebloom has made Resto fun again.  Being able to swap your full stack of blooms to a new target in one global not only helps you deal with switches better, but it leaves way more time to actually do other things.
  • We have BALLER CC!!  Druids have always been top of the game as far as CC goes, but by adding Disorienting Roar, Displacer Beast>Pounce, Fae Silence glyph, etc, we can really shut someone down.
  • DPS in cat form isn’t bad!  Running 2’s becomes more tolerable because you can actually do dps without risking getting locked out without needing a long cd to do so.
  • Wild Charge is fantastic in 2s.  Especially if you’re playing with a warrior (you get fear from him, via Symbiosis) you can setup a Bear Charge>Disorienting Roar/Bash>Clone>Clone>Fear>Bear Charge, etc rotation to shut a healer down.  And you can vary the order, based on DR’s.
  • My final, and maybe favorite part (and probably most OP) is the SIIIICK stuff we get from Symbiosis.  Ice Block, Ice Bound Fortitude (saved my ass so many times in 3s), Lifegrip, Disarm – its’ pretty incredible.  Loving Resto right now, and glad we can offspec easily now that we don’t need 2 Moonkin specs anymore.

That’s it for now – keep on Pew Pewin!


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