Things lookin’ good so far!

Been playing around a bunch in random bgs and wargames with my lazer chicken and here are a few things I’ve learned so far:

  • The new Lunar Shower makes our playstyle very different.  You want to keep moving between eclipses for the starfall refresh (every lunar), mana regen, and haste proc, but it’s very different not being able to spam moonfire/sunfire as effectively
  • Keeping rejuv on your team is a really viable option.  You can play similar to a spriest who keeps pw:shield on his team and really help out vs. dot cleaves.  Especially big now that we don’t have to shift out to heal (with glyph).
  • Mana (at least at 85) is not an issue at all, as long as you keep moving eclipses.  As long as you continue to rotate eclipses, it seems pretty fantastic.
  • LOTS of starsurge procs if you keep dots up on folks.  Really nice to be able to burst often with a hardcast starfire into a insta-surge.
  • 30 sec Nature’s Grasp (via glyph) is pretty baller in bgs.  It’s always up and gives you a ton of space to do what you want.
  • I’ve really enjoyed Disorienting Roar over Ursol’s Vortex in most situations.  Maybe it’s the super short cd, but what a great peel for cc combos – DR, into clone on one, roots on another.  Also great to run into a group that’s attacking FC in mid and cc them all.  Ursol’s will end with different utility in RBG’s and Arena’s I’m sure, but DR seems to be pretty baller as well.
  • Being able to pop DashProwlbear shield wall, etc. without clicking the form first is HUGE.  Frees up globals and makes gameplay more fun
  • Frenzied Regen sucks.  I took it off my bars – it’s really for bears at this point.  Maybe I’ll change my mind at some future time, but for now I find it’s pretty much junk aside from macro’ing it into Might of Ursoc.  You’re better off healing in Moonkin form than going to bear just to pop that.

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