What Could We Use?

OK, so it’s really easy to fall into the trap of saying two things about Moonkins right now – They are REALLY, REALLY amazing in RBGs and they have insanely strong burst cds so they must be good, right?

I think it’s easy to just be happy that we aren’t utterly gimped for once (we can actually cc things and HARDCAST!!).  But the truth of the matter is that we still have some things that could make us actually not just a decent partner, but one that people actually request to play with in threes for once:

1. Balance – The spec is called this for a reason.  Blizz decided to take the route in MOP of making solar about aoe and lunar about single target and it has really crushed us in arena.  Wrath hits about as hard as my 2 year old does using her scarf.  Coupled with very long cast times, it’s tough to do any real damage on the solar side of things – this is especially true since affliction is currently not very good and dot cleaves in general aren’t very good with the state of dispels (touch one button and completely clean a target).  I’d love to see some damage shifted in Wrath.  It was really great in WOTLK to be able to actually look forward to casting it.

2. Getting a cast off on a melee – Besides insta-surge and dots, you’re more than likely never going to hit a melee who’s on you, no matter how good you are at juking.  He can very easily just run through you at the last second and your cast fails.  This is a tough part of the moonkin arsenal – we are meant to dot on the run (currently week in a 3v3 setup) and cast standing still.  Unlike our mage/ele/demo/spriest counterparts, we have long cast time spells that we have to cast to be competitive (the others have cast time spells, but most aren’t long cast time, can be cast while moving or aren’t necessary to use).  Maybe there’s a way to make it so that moonkin can have no directional requirement on Starfire when being hit by melee.  Give it a cooldown or something, but make melee actually think twice for once about hitting us.

3. Cookie cutter builds –  I’ll be completely honest.  I almost NEVER change my talents as moonkin anymore.  Besides very occasionally picking up Wild Charge over Displacer Beast (rarely), I pretty much run the following: Displacer, Nature’s Swiftness, Typhoon, Incarnation, Disorienting Roar, and Nature’s Vigil.  I’d love to see myself using Trees again (too weak, currently), Fairie Swarm (not even close to as powerful as Typhoon), Bash (Disorienting Roar is far too powerful for getting casts off or peeling melee), or Dream of Cenarius (Vigil stacks far too perfectly with Incarnation) but that would be like purposely using lower iLevel gear – it doesn’t make sense to gimp myself.  When I play Resto or some of my other classes, I truly feel like I can pick.  Blizz, please work on making things more equally powerful so I can make choices.

4. Glyphs – I am one of those people who actually LOVES what they’ve done with the talent and glyph setup.  Joining a game and switching around talents/glyphs depending on your opponent is a great part of fun strategy.  That said, Moonkin really only has one available slot.  Moonbeast is required – why would you ever want to come out of form to heal???  And Solarbeam is really a huuuuuuge nerf to not use.  It just makes your best cc so much more powerful.  That really leaves us with one slot to make choices.  Up the ante here Blizz!!

Overall, I’m very pleased with the changes they’ve been making since MOP dropped.  There has been a clear effort to not let things sit for too long while one or two classes (ahem, Mages/Warriors/Demo/BM) run around globaling things and making it no fun for anyone else.  

Hope you’re having luck with your druid and thanks for the emails – I truly appreciate the support!  I’m looking at moving the site to another format so that I can get a forum going, because that is definitely missing here.  I just need to find something that can do that without requiring me to be a programming expert.  Maybe you folks out there have ideas??  ;D


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