A Little Resto Love

With some new changes on the PTR this week, I wanted to talk a little bit about what could potentially be a pretty hefty (positive) change for our leafy brethren. Wild Mushrooms:Bloom is being slightly altered to make it more viable to use.  It still heals your teammates in an AOE around their placement, but they are getting a nice bonus affect.  Once they are placed on the ground, 75% of your over-healing that comes from rejuv will ‘charge up’ the mushrooms, up to your maximum healthpool in bonus healing.  So you have the potential of creating a pretty massive burst heal available in a specific location.

Placement:  This will be key, obviously, as you will need to have time to charge them up, while still having them in a relevant location.  If you play with a lock, this is super easy.  Place them on his port and you’re good to go.  Other options include: right behind a pillar your team plans to hug against hunters; middle of the map if you play a melee cleave and know they will be fighting mid; under the bridge on Blade’s Edge so one of your dps can drop down to LOS incoming damage and land in a big burst heal; and so many others.  There are a ton of spots to place them, and you’ll need to coordinate with your team about best positions for each map vs. different comps.

Charging: There are a couple ways to play with them.  If you tend to come out in stealth, you’ll have to place them in spare globals. Moments when you’re trying to LOS a cc cast anyways are a great time to do just that.  Then follow it up with rejuv spam on everything (pets included) so that it begins charging quickly.  On the other hand, if you’re comfortable entering arena exposed, the best route would seem to be dropping them quickly as you dismount, getting out any rejuvs you can before the enemy charges in, and then going into prowl.  Sure this opens you up as a target, but if they come in too quickly, you can always go prowl without finishing up your mushroom setup.

Use: Teach your teammates to use them when you’re cc’d!  Calling out for a low partner to run to your shrooms could really be a viable strat when you’re stuck in a long fear or full duration stun.  This way, as soon as you come out of cc you can bloom him for a nice big burst heal, which also happens to be off the global!  A really good chance that this ability could become pretty OP, once good players know how to use it – especially considering the very short cooldown on it (10 seconds).  Numbers testing is still inconclusive, due to the missing cap on the charge from rejuv, but some early numbers are predicting heals of over 400k outside of arena!  Factor in battle fatigue and mortal strike abilities, and you could still be looking at the ability to take someone from zero to full in a single global.  Remember that bloom is off of the global, so you could realistically rejuv, swiftmend, bloom all in a single global.

I’m very interested in seeing how this will all play out, but overall I think it’s a very interesting new mechanic that could potentially really raise the skill cap on druid healing.  For now, I’m going to pick my lazers back up and go do drop some stars on the bad guys heads – that’s just how i roll.


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