Tick, Tick, Boom Baby!!

There has been quite the stir over the last couple of days in regards to a single PvE trinket and what its implications will be for PvP.  I know what you’re thinking – PvE gear isn’t supposed to be worth our time in PvP anymore, since it lacks PvP Power/Resilience.  I’ll go into detail below.

The Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen has a random proc every 2 minutes that ensures that all of your spells will be critical strikes for 4 seconds.  Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal on the surface, but when combined with a fix to the way Moonkin dots work (explained by GC here), this could be the new Taste For Blood Warrior 1-shot.  Basically, Moonkin dots will now function like all other classes, in that it will take a snapshot of your stats when cast and not update as procs fall off or are gained.  This means that should you place a dot during the 4 second 100% crit proc, every single tick of the dot will proc over the duration.  Since dot crits can proc instant Starsurges for us, we can literally become a poultry machine gun for a duration of 15-25 seconds, depending on how long the surges extend the dots for (if the starsurges themselves are critting.  How broken will this be?  Let’s look at the ‘very complex’ rotation required to set this up.

  1. Match begins – dot stuff
  2. Eventually trinket procs – keep dotting stuff.  Dispell has an 8 second cd – as long as you dot more than one target during the 4 second buff, the healer can’t take the dots off fast enough (aside from abilities like Cloak of Shadows).
  3. Pop Incarnation/Nature’s Vigil/on-use trinket/race bufs and begin turretting instant starsurges into any target within range.
  4. Collect points.

Because it’s random and you could easily be cc’d for the four seconds it’s procced, this obviously won’t happen every game.  Neither did TFB one-shots by warriors earlier this season, but when they did, warriors could solo entire teams.  During cooldowns, it’s not uncommon to crit over 200k starsurges.  

The only thing stopping this from becoming a global fest will be the delay on each proc (starsurge procs won’t let you chain cast – the latest one cast has to hit the target before you can cast the next one, so closer targets will be ideal) and CC if the other team is quick enough on the ball.  But expect PvE players to pop into arena with a base amount of PvP gear and this trinket and cause quite a stir once people have progressed to this boss in 5.2.  The damage from starsurge procs is already unhealable with Incarnation up, even without this trinket.  Having the ability to chain cast like this will make the tears of other classes flow like Moonkins have never seen before (it may be a little glorious after all of our seasons of being underpowered, even if it is insanely broken =p).

Hopefully Ghostcrawler and team will take a good hard look at not allowing this in PvP.  As fun as things like this will be for PvE, it’s far too gamebreaking in arena in the style of legendary weapons, DFO, Cunning of the Cruel, Bauble, and Unheeded Warning.  We shall see!  

Until then, keep those lazers warm for serious enemy cooking!


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