Lookin’ Around

So with 5.2 barely off of the burner and placed on the arena table for consumption, Blizz has already been pouring on the additional PvP changes for the new PTR.  PvP developer Holinka (follow him on twitter @Holinka) has been awesome about communicating with the community and working together to create good changes for the game.  Just wanted to talk about some of the live changes first, and then I’ll hit a few of the PTR changes after –

Live (5.2)

  • Rogues are INSANE (didn’t I tell you to go find one?).  If you can’t beat em, join em.  Dancing with the Stars is a stupidly powerful comp and lots of fun.
  • DKs are actually viable partners!  I always wanted to play with some DK friends, but found that it was a bad idea in the past, due to their lack of peels when I’m being trained.  With a 30 sec. CD asphyxiate, they now have the tools to shut down burst on a regular basis as needed.
  • Crit baby!  Stacking crit all the way is much more rewarding IMHO than the ol’ staple of haste.  Not only are the starsurge procs more frequent, but they are also critting on impact for some awesome burst.  Yes my clones are super slow to cast, but I personally like this playstyle better, especially playing with a disc priest (he gets clone from symbiosis, so I rarely cast it anyways)
  • Mass Entanglement is meh =/  I had high hopes for this talent, but so far haven’t found it as useful as Typhoon outside of RBG’s.  It breaks far too easy from damage (while hunters can turret damage into their rooted targets?!?!) and seems too situational.  I’ll still be working with it, but I was hoping for it to be better TBH.

PTR (5.3)

  • LOVE the gear change.  Being able to start gearing a new toon in bgs without getting decimated because of your awful gear will be great.  Sure you’ll do almost no damage, but at least you won’t get one shot non stop.  Make sure to check out some of the great write-ups done by Olivia Grace on wow.joystiq.com.
  • Ele is finally getting some purdy buffs (lightning bolt casted while moving is baked in, and the glyph now gives a 10% damage reduction) and yes I’m happy for my alt!  They are finally getting close with Ele not being such a glass cannon.  Great partner for a Moonkin, too!
  • Shadow Priests are finally seeing nerfs to Mass Dispel and Life Swap (totally warranted), hopefully bringing them down to earth with other casters.  Up until now they have had the perfect storm of damage, utility, and off-healing.  Glad to see them moving back to having some weaknesses.
  • Ilvl upgrades is NOT returning to PvP!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I never even got close to full upgraded last season and when I tried to play with an honor geared partner at the beginning of this season he literally got steamrolled because of the stat difference.  It will be fun to get fully geared, and then work on offsets for messing around maybe as a guardian FC, for example.

That’s it for now.  Make sure you follow what Holinka is up to on Twitter and communicate often.  He is a great ally for our community and can only utilize our feedback if we give it to him.

Until next time, it’s lazer time baby!


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