Moonkin Guide Featured on Arena Junkies

So for those of you that frequent Arena Junkies (or AJ, as many call it), you will probably notice that there has been something of a renaissance going on over the last couple of weeks.  Posters are fed up with the low quality of posts, lack of content, and general decline of the site.  Some people have gone about doing something to fix it, and that’s where this site comes in.

Vanguards asked me to post the Moonkin guide on the site, and now you can find it in the Druid forums (as a stickie)!  Stoked to be able to give back to AJ, after years of learning from the site.  In just the last week four new guides have been posted (Hpal, Spriest, Enhance, and this one) and it shows a very positive trend.  Have a look next time you’re over on AJ.

On a side note, I got a couple of emails lately with some column requests, and i will definitely look at doing them shortly – just finished up the AJ guide, so now I have a little more free time.  Thanks for the responses, and one day when I get some more ‘free time’ (if you have kids, you’ll understand why that’s hilarious to pretend you actually get free time anymore) I will finally transition the blog to a format that allows commenting, so we can have more open discussion. 

Until then, pop Incarnation and scare the crap out of people in arena!


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