The Do’s and Don’ts of Priming Your Lazers

As requested, this post is a collection of my Do’s and Don’ts for arena:

DO apply faerie fire liberally to all rogues.  It’s literally game changing and reduces their damage and cc significantly.  I sometimes even reapply before the previous one falls off to leave no gap between.

DON’T forget positioning.  It’s really easy to get caught out in mid because you’re chasing a target that you think you can kill.  It’s also really easy for the other team to see you doing that, turn around, and splat you into a pile of dirty feathers.

DO utilize your utility a ton.  I even have to remind myself sometimes when I find myself spamming damage that things like removing a warrior enrage with soothe, placing shrooms to slow around a pillar or on the bridge, tossing out rejuvs to relieve pressure (did you make your party1/party2 rejuv macro yet?) and using a symbiosis purge or mass dispel can change the tide of a game.

DON’T freak out if you’re getting trained.  In past expacs, getting trained was the name of the game for Moonkin and we usually died with low damage because of it.  These days we are a lot tankier and have more outs than we used to.  Relax, cc when needed (through their burst) with a roots/typhoon/roar/bash/vortex/beam combo of some sort and blink/wild charge away.

DO apply pressure to their entire team, even when you’re closing in on a kill.  So that priest is at 20%, and your instincts say “HIT HIM MANY TIMES!!!”  Very rarely do I find this to be the best strategy, unless you’re free to cast an eclipsed starfire/starsurge without fear of interrupt.  Instead, continue to dot the rest of his team and their pets – not only will he have to get himself back to a safe spot, but now the rest of his team is widdling down.  Many a game has been won for Moonkin where all three targets are at 20% because of this multi-dotting, and your partner or a surge proc finish someone off.

DON’T cc just for the sake of cc.  Diminishing returns can quickly come back to bite you when you just root the warrior because he’s annoying, he gets out, and pops his cds.  Now you can’t root him again for full duration.  Choosing when to use cc is hugely important, especially with clone, since it stops your dots from ticking (this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clone).

DO cyclone your target when you’re close to a kill, and they get a big def. cd put on them.  If you are about to kill that dk and all of a sudden he has ironbark/pain sup/life coccoon/full lifebloom stack about to fall off, you can easily counter him by putting him in cyclone, controlling the healer just as it’s about to come off, and then finish him off after the clone ends.  This way his healer can’t top him up while you’re unable to do full damage.

DON’T let losses get you down.  Learn from your mistakes and find things you did well to make sure you continue to do them.  One thing I like to do when looking to improve is to pick one spell that I think I don’t utilize enough – let’s say it’s Nature’s Swiftness – and make sure I’m using it to it’s fullest potential.  Anytime a game ends, I look to see if it’s off cooldown and if I didn’t use it, I make sure to note points that I could have.  Maybe I could have NS cloned/rooted a dps.  Maybe a big NS healing touch would have relieved pressure.  If you do this with a different spell each night, before you know it they will all become part of your subconscious playstyle.

And finally, DO make sure you’re having fun.  I’m a big proponent of taking a break or calling it a night when you get very frustrated.  We play this game to be competitive, sure, but it’s also for leisure.  If you find you’re not having fun or getting really angry, take a break.  You can always come back in an hour after catching an episode of Dexter or eating a sandwich (or doing both at the same time?!?!)  It happens to all of us (I mean hell, thug cleave this season??) but learn to get up and walk away when you need to.

Hopefully some of this helps and I’m planning to post some additional comps to my play style series soon, including the one I’ve been running that I find VERY different than any of the others previously (hint: I’m playing with a class that’s been historically HORRIBLE for us to play with because of lousy synergy).  Until then, 200k starsurge crits FTW!


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