Quick: 2 confessions.

1. My wife is 9 months pregnant, so blogging hasn’t been a high priority for me.  I do plan to write some more, just taking some time to get things up is all

2.  I haven’t touched my boomy much lately /gasp!!  I feel like a boomy break was warranted.  I’ve had Ele and WW monk as my other mains for all of MoP and I’m actually just having a load of fun with them right now.  I’m sure I’ll be back on my Moonkin again pretty soon, especially with the tourney realm active and 5.4 bringing xrealm arenas (yay!), but for now it is what it is

What I can tell you, though, is that Hildegarde (from Arena Junkies) and I are working on setting up a series of Druid podcasts with some top rated players.  Right now we are planning on starting with a Resto pod first, tentatively planned for the July 14/15 weekend, and then Moonkin/Feral would come shortly after that.  

Hop over to the thread on AJ and give comments as to who you’d like to hear from and what kinds of questions you want to hear answered and I’ll do what I can!

And until the dust settles around my RL nest, keep your talons sharp and your wings flapping fellow chickens!

PS I will be trying to throw together a post on the big arena changes if I can over this holiday break.


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