This is where the real fun is!
Tier 1 – Mobility
I know a lot of people have said “wild charge or bust”, but after the change to displacer beast, I’m not as sold as other people on it being the only option.  Being able to restealth, even if it breaks on dots, could work well against some teams when you don’t have dots ticking on you (frost mage, hunter) – and the cd is only 30 secs now.  There is also the posssiblity of using it to land a pounce on a target, since there is a delay on the dot tick and it breaking stealth, but that will have to be played around with.  It definitely seems like Wild Charge will be the choice most of the time, but there can be some ways to surpise your enemy by playing around with it.  I did play with having the 15% all the time increase and since it stacks with other increases, it can be a quite nice way to just stay very mobile.
Tier 2 – Healing
As much as I’d like to say there is a choice, this one is a no brainer.  1 minute Nature’s Swiftness with a 50% increase on any heal it’s used on is humungous.  Reports from beta are giving us 90k NS and rejuv that ticks for 9k and crits for almost 20k.  Quite a bump from our really mediocre cata healing.  It’s also great for that instant clone when someone pops all their cds on you and you can’t cast.
Tier 3 – Anti-melee 
This tier gives you a bunch of ways to keep that pesky rogue or warrior from smashing your face in.  Typhoon is the best of the bunch most often, especially when you are on Blade’s Edge or Dalaran (man that Ret is gonna be pissed!).  Knocking back a dk can give you the room to get that clone off on him without getting interrupted.  It’s also great for an interrupt in a pinch.  Faerie Swarm looks to be a great peel for your healer when they are getting trained.  Being able to keep a 50% slow on a melee while your shaman goes ghost wolf can be pretty awesome.  I would call it situational, now that we can tell who our opponents are before starting a match.  Mass Entanglment looks cool, but the 2 minute cd makes it pretty prohibitive to use.
Tier 4 – DPS
This is the first tier that gives you a change to your DPS.  Force of Nature is similar to our old trees, except they now cast wrath, hit a lot harder, and are only on a one minute cd.  Could be really annoying when playing with other pet classes to have that many pets on a healer.  Soul of the Forest is a pick it and forget it talent.  It helps you get to your eclipse faster but you don’t have any control over it.  A good pick for someone learning Moonkin, but the other two give you much more burst potential.  Incarnation looks pretty beast.  25% increased eclipse damage for thirty seconds is a lot of damage for a long time.  Line this up with an on use trinket and your partners cd’s and you could be doing a disgusting amount of burst.  Not to mention the sweet armor it puts on your character during the cd.
Tier 5 – CC
This is a really fun tier.  Bash is the same as our old ability except you can use it in ANY FORM!  Pretty great if you don’t play with a stun class.  Disorienting Roar is basically a slightly longer cd Dragon’s Breath that doesn’t have a directional requirement.  If you are getting trained a lot, this can be a great peel, as well as a way to setup clone/roots chains.  Keep in mind that unlike Dragon’s Breath, this does break on dot damage.  Ursol’s Vortex is probably the most fun, especially combined with someone else’s CC. 
Tier 6 – Hybrid 
This is where we remember that we aren’t just a pure lazer turret class.  Nature’s Vigil gives you the ability to do some healing while putting out more pressure.  This could be a great cd to turn the tides when you’re team is getting behind.  All of a sudden the other team is taking monster damage and you’re team is getting healed back up.  Dream of Cenarius seems like the best of the bunch.  With rejuv already being so strong, having a 30% buff to it nearly everytime you use it (because you’ll have just been dps’ing before) could be amazing.  Heart of the Wild only seems useful to me if you play a long game and need to let your healer drink while you heal, or for spamming heals during heavy damage (like during those triple dps scum popping all their cds).  If triple dps stays into the next expac as viable, I can see this being the counter talent to them, allowing you to /guffaw them all day, erry day.

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